Certificate of professional competence (CPC certifying periodic training) - drivers of vehicles engaged in the carriage of goods

Stages of the examination

1) Candidate selection

Fill in the code received in the field Candidate code
Select the Type of certificate button

2) Type of certificate selection

Check whether the information regarding Family Name / First Name / CNP is correct.
In case the information is not correct, select the appropriate exam by pressing the Select button for the appropriate exam.

3) Candidate information

If you are sure that the information is correct and you selected the exam correctly, press the Start Exam button.

4) Examination page

The examination page includes:

  • Information regarding the total no. of questions, remaining questions, no. of correct answers, no. of incorrect answers
  • The list with all the requests of the questionnaire
  • Time remaining
  • Information regarding the current question

In order to answer a question, select the correct answer/answers followed by pressing the Save answer button. After pressing the button a confirmation message will be displayed, for confirmation select the OK button, and for cancelling the Cancel button.

!!! Warning !!! DO NOT select the red button End Exam only after you answered correctly to the least necessary minimum of correct answers, because the selection of this button will end the examination session.


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